Welcome to hpkomics.com
This is the official website of David A. Davis, a writer, illustrator, and educator who can be found in the wilds of the Inland Empire, CA.

Here are some fun facts about David:
  • David has a Master's degree in Literature and Writing Studies from CSUSM
  • David currently runs three online comics 
  • Davis is one of the co-founders of the Comicadia online comics collective
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Current Projects
Material that I have recently completed or is currently updating
Cosmic Dash
A science fiction adventure comic that updates every Saturday
Galactic Hub Serreven
A series of episodic short stories that take place in the Cosmic Dash setting, part of a larger Silver Spiral Stories project
A 3x-weekly comic strip using repeated art assets, generally NSFW
Public Domain Webcomic
A 2x-weekly comic riffing on old public domain comic books, generally NSFW
Dark Lens
An interactive Lovecraftian horror thesis for California State University San Marcos
An online comic collective I helped to found and currently help administer